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You have a message to share. An impact to make. But, you might not know where and how to get started. You might have the fear that goes along with public speaking, or that imposter feeling of getting onto those bigger stages or audiences. Putting yourself out there. Let's CRUSH that confusion and that fear and have you speaking with confidence!

Want to get clarity in your content and message for your business? Desire to show up confident when speaking? Getting ready for a big presentation? Want more confidence in speaking up at events? Want to get speaking opportunities to grow your business? Becoming a PAID Speaker?

Ready to step up your current workshops or to create your signature Keynote and get it out there?

This 10 week program is for you! To take you from overwhelmed and unsure, to CLARITY in your topic and content, CONFIDENCE in your delivery, and RESULTS & IMPACT for your audience and business. 

This is a Hybrid Program of both 1:1 and group coaching and support.

You get access to three 1:1 (45 min) coaching calls, Weekly Group Coaching Calls, Access to this full Speak Up Training Portal, Private FB group for Speak Up only community members.

Week 1: Concept-Using You, Your, Story & Expertise

Helping you narrow down all your thoughts & ideas, getting a clear message, audience analysis (how to meet the needs of the person/group you're talking to) integrating your personal story and authenticity, aligning on a topic and focus

Week 2: Content-Putting It All Together

Taking your message and story and creating content around that, getting clear on content based on type of event (keynote, workshop, conference, etc.) how to organize content, make it clear, customize content for the audience/person/platform

Week 3: Prep-Getting Your Mindset & Confidence Ready

Getting your mindset in the right place, how to show up confident and put yourself out there, and really own your voice. 

Week 4: Collaboration Week

Time to collaborate with others on your ideas, your content, anything you need support with to help you in developing your talk/program. 

Week 5: Marketing-Positioning Yourself As The Expert

This is all about getting you positioned as an expert and building your credibility & authority as a thought leader. Learning to optimize your LinkedIn, create and gather all of your Speaking Collateral (one-pager, Speaker Kit, website, speaking testimonials & videos, etc.) as well as learn how to get featured in publications. 

Week 6: Pitching-Creating Income From Speaking

Getting you ready to get PAID for speaking, and to grow your income and impact by attracting people into you and your business. Learn how to pitch yourself, script for discovery calls with decision makers, how to price yourself, and sample contracts. 

Week 7: Delivery-Speaking For Impact

Getting you ready to NAIL your delivery! How to engage the audience, how to deliver with impact (virtual or in-person), opportunity to pitch part of your presentation, feedback and tips personalized to you! Learning the voice & body language techniques for delivery. , how to prepare for the day-of event, how to carry yourself, how to flow your main points together, how to use your voice to create impact

Week 8-10: Open For Q&A and Group Support, Expert Guests

Additional Value:

-Private FB community to brainstorm, share ideas, and get personalized feedback on you, your content, and your message. To network and be in community with other growing Speakers, and even share events and opportunities with each other. 

-Additional templates/resources/tools 

-Weekly Live Calls with hot-seat coaching (recorded and saved in portal to review again later)

-GUEST Experts

  • HypnoBreathwork-Powerful breathwork session to help you get out of your own way and step into your full power and potential as a Speaker!
  • PR & Media-Learn how to get PR, pitch media, and get more eyes on you and your business as well as to build your credibility and visibility
  • Your Speaker Website-How to funnel people into your list, to nurture them, and to set yourself up as a professional Speaker 
  • More to come!

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